August 1, 2017

Florida (USA) - Zika virus, sexually transmitted case

Today the Florida Department of Health is announcing that the first sexually transmitted Zika case in 2017 has been confirmed in Pinellas County. There is no evidence of transmission through mosquitoes taking place anywhere in Florida.

While the individual had no travel, their partner recently traveled to Cuba and was ill with symptoms consistent with Zika. Both tested positive for Zika. The department notified mosquito control and appropriate mosquito reduction activities are taking place.

There is no evidence of ongoing transmission of Zika by mosquitoes in any area of Florida. It is important to remember Zika can also be transmitted sexually and to take precautions if you or your partner traveled to an area where Zika is active. If the department identifies an area where ongoing transmission of Zika is taking place, the public will be notified immediately.

The total number of Zika cases reported in Florida in 2017 is 118. This includes travel-related cases (90 cases), locally acquired infections exposed in 2016 which were tested in 2017 (6 cases), and undetermined exposed in 2016 and tested in 2017 (22 cases).

SOURCE: Florida Department of Health
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